Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa - North Bonneville, Washington, 98639, United States
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Sweet Nectar Bath and Wrap!

Bask in a hot, soft buttery scent with chicory root and almond oil extract. This treatment is followed up with a soothing warm linen wrap.
50 Minute Nectar Mineral Bath and Wrap featured at $40.00/$50.00

Nectar Indulgence!

Bask in a dreamy buttery, wholesome whole milk with a kiss of nectar, followed by a warm linen wrap. Indulge in a 50 minute massage. Featuring Farm House Fresh, Agave Nectar Body Oil. A powerful anti-aging massage oil. Resulting in a hydrated, plumper, less wrinkled appearance.
50 Minute Bath and Wrap followed by 50 minute Hydrating Massage featured at $140.00/$150.00

The Whipped Honey Scrub Package!

Your retreat begins with a buttery scent of Nectar milk bath that envelopes your skin in antioxidant-rich grapeseed oil, followed by a warm detoxifying linen wrap. Next you’ll be whipped into the silky-fine softness with a whipped honey sugar scrub. Revealing glowing, quenched skin. A sweet cream lotion application will top off your glorious getaway. $105/$115

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