Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa - North Bonneville, WA, 98639, United States

November Featured Treatments

  • female tub

Cranberry Orange Bath and Wrap! 

Melt away stress and dry skin with our Cranberry-Orange scented mineral bath.  Following up with an detoxifying warm linen wrap.

50 minute Mineral Bath and Wrap featured at $40.00/$50.00

  • Orlando-Massage-Therapy

Orange-Clove Indulgence! 

Melt away your aching, and sore muscles in our Cranberry-orange scented Mineral Bath and Wrap. Next, indulge in a 50 minute Orange-Clove scented relaxation massage and allow our expert staff to take care of your needs!

50 minute Cranberry-Orange Bath and Wrap followed by 50 minute Orange-Clove scented Massage featured at $135.00/$145.00

  • alpha-vital

The Radiance Package!
Melt away your dry and itchy skin in our mineral bath and followed up with a detoxifying linen wrap.

Is your face suffering from dull, tired skin? Well we have a solution for you! Experience the 80 minute Alpha-Vital Facial. An anti-aging treatment that brings out the skin’s natural glow, restoring smoothness and youth. Under the rejuvenating, intensely hydrating action of controlled fruit acids, the epidermis is gently regenerated, cellular renewal is intensified, the complexion is cleared, wrinkles and fine lines vanish.

50 minute Bath and Wrap followed by 80 minute Alpha-Vital Facial featured at $170.00/$180.00

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