Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa - North Bonneville, WA, 98639, United States

September Featured Treatments

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Butter Bruleè Bath and Wrap

Butter her up at Bonneville! With our guilt free, Zero calorie, creamy butter treatments. Enjoy soaking in whole milk and creamy Butter Brulee. Followed by a warm linen wrap. This treatment is sure to moisturize and soothe the skin.

50 minute  bath and wrap featured at $40.00/$50.00

  • Back Massage

Crème de la Caramel Package!

Soak in a hot, creamy Butter Brulee with whole milk and chicory root. Followed by a warm linen wrap to detox. Then indulge in a 50 minute creamy caramel relaxation massage. The butter rich caramel scent with a hint of peppercorn is light and delicious!

50 minute bath and wrap & 50 minute relaxation massage. Featured at $135.00/$145.00

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Cappaccino Float Package!

Soak for 30 minutes in our whole milk Butter Brulee that nourishes dry skin. Next, enjoy a caramel whipped coffee body scrub. Leaving the skin-tightening caffeine and a deliciously smooth exfoliation. Finish with a light body milk application leaving warm notes of caramel cream.

30 minute bath only & 50 minute full body scrub. Featured at $115.00/$135.00

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