Altura EC in Bukit Batok Town An Addition to Master Plan for Green Features and Sustainable Features

The Master Plan encourages sustainable development and environmental conservation, and new developments like Altura EC in Bukit Batok are having green features and sustainable practices built in. These could include energy-efficient building designs, renewable energy sources, and more effective waste management systems. All this is part of the process to bring a cleaner and greener environment to the people who live there.

The western region of Singapore is set to be the site of a major development in the form of the upcoming Tengah Town. Altura EC residents in Bukit Batok are set to benefit from One Sophia this development as it is touted to be Singapore’s first ‘Forest Town’ designed with sustainability and green living at its core. Tengah Town is set to offer enhanced connectivity and a range of amenities to its dwellers in addition to a vibrant living environment. Altura EC owners can look forward to taking …

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